RPG Club Submission Guidelines
Character menu must be 100x100 pixels
Must include 1 main character (can represent you, can be an OC, can be an animal, anthro, elf, orc, etc...)
Must include character name or website name
Must include at least 1 item (can be equip, weapon, other item, pet, etc)
Character menu can be animated
No white backgrounds if elements of your menu are smaller than 100x100 (see example below)

Free to use templates (please add your own colors to these!!)

Other ideas:
Add background scenery
Include character's level (age is represented by level sometimes)
Add animations (arrow/pointer movement, color changes, blinkies, things bobbing up and down, etc)
Make custom items/text or borrow ideas from retro games
Draw interesting borders (vines, shapes, flowers, crystals, etc)
Add an HP or EXP bar