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Card types (Normal Mamodo / Stone Tablet Mamodo / Dual Mamodo / Triple Mamodo / Vs Mamodo / S Mamodo / Hide Mamodo / Dual Phase Mamodo / Partner/ Spell/ Event / King / Volcan / Majestic 12 / Kiremaro & God)
The game mat
Spell Book Construction
Quick Phase Overview
Gameplay (Start phase/ Battle phase/ End phase)
Effect activation terms
Supplemental rules
Statuses (Petrify/ Flight/ Detached)

Triple Mamodo cards

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Are played like Dual Mamodo cards, but you must discard 2 or more of your in-play Mamodo that are listed.

Vs Mamodo cards

To play these cards, you need to discard a Mamodo of one of the names from either player's Mamodo card area.

S Mamodo cards

To play these cards, you play it from your Spell Book on top of a Mamodo card of the same name. You can use the effects of the regular Mamodo card in addition to the S Mamodo's effect.

Hide Mamodo cards

These cards are placed face down away from the Mamodo card area when put in play. You may flip it and place it in the Mamodo card area at any time and activate its effects.

Dual Phase Mamodo cards

These cards are two sided and can be turned over at the start phase, using the card effect of the side that is face up. They also can not be petrified.

King cards

These cards are placed in the first page with your starting Mamodo, and is attached to your starting Mamodo at the very beginning of the game. You can only have 1 King card in your Spell Book.

Volcan cards

These cards are played in either the Partner card area or below the MP area, depending on what the card specifies. Volcan cards may be injured (depending on the card text), this puts them in the "Disrepair" status, and then sent to the Discard Pile on another injury.

Kiremaro & God cards

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These cards are played below the MP area.

Flight status

Mamodo in flight can not be targeted by the effects of Mamodo cards without flight status.

Detached status

This status is used solely for Victoream. Detach allows a Victoream card to use Magurga and Glorious Revolution 3-6-0, but not anything else.