Hello! You being on this page leads me to believe that you've read or already know the rules to play the Zatch Bell CCG. But you may not know how to play using the Lackey program. That's where this page comes in. Hopefully this will serve as a nice guide to help out those who don't know how to use the plugin.

For those who would like the video example, click here.

If you don't know how to load the plugin, the first thing you'll need to do is go to the "Plugin:" tab.

The plugin is already loaded for me. To load it, you can either:
-Get the updatelist url from the home page. Then paste it into the text box in the program. Then click "Install or Update from URL!". It should prompt you to load the plugin after. If you ever change off this plugin, you can change back by clicking "Browse installed plugins", and loading "Zatch_Bell!_The_Card_Battle"

-Or you can download the rar file from the home page. Unzip the contents into the "Plugins" folder inside of the Lackey folder. Then click "Browse installed plugins", and load "Zatch_Bell!_The_Card_Battle"

If you have the plugin loaded, one of the first places you'll need to go is the Deck Editor tab. Let's see what that looks like ...

There's a lot going on here already, but don't get scared. This guide is here to help.

At the very bottom, there is a giant list of card names with all the cards' various stats printed out. This is the entire library of cards in the Zatch Bell card game at your disposal. The spot right above that is your "Spell Book". You construct a Spell Book using any of the cards in the library, as long as it follows the rules of Spell Book construction. Normally to build a Spell Book, you would need to drag cards from the bottom to the appropriate "pages" you would want them in. When you're done, you press the "save deck" button. For the sake of simplicity, you may want to just use one of the pre-constructed decks that came with the plugin. You can choose which one from the drop-down at the top or the "Browse" button right next to it. For my examples, I shall be using the "Zatch_Bell_Starter" deck.

You'll see that when you hover over a card, the image shows up on the left side. This is so you can read from the card directly instead of that mess in the list. Underneath the card pictures are various filters you can use to really help build a Spell Book and find what you're looking for.

So now you know how to make a deck, how would you play with other people? Well, first off (if you're new to Lackey), you'll have to visit the "Preferences" tab located at the top of the program.

The only thing you have to do is set your Player Name. This is the name that everyone will see you as. Everything else can be left blank.

Your next place to go will be the "Server" tab.

Just click on "Connect to the game matching server!", and you'll be sent to a screen like this:

This shows everyone on the Lackey server and all the active games, and even shows you who else is using the same plugin as you! Hosting a game is as simple as pressing "Host a game". It will open up a new menu, just click "Host a game" in that window also. You'll have to wait for someone else with the plugin to join you. Otherwise, you can just join someone else hosting a game.

Once you've connected to a game, go back to the "deck editor" tab and click on "Load entire deck to you", located between your Spell Book and the library of all cards.

So everything I've taught you is fine and dandy, but we haven't gotten to the real part yet! Actually playing the game! Everything in this game is manual, from where you place your cards to keeping track of your own MP.

From the game screen, you'll notice that under the card image is you and your opponent. As an honest player, you are expected to keep track of what page number you are currently on and how much MP you've stored up. To do this, simply press ctrl+1 to increase your active page number or ctrl+2 to increase your MP.

The page number stat is a little weird in that you can make it whatever you want between your active pages. For example, if you're on "Page 2-3", you can represent your active page as either a 2 or 3. The pages need to be revealed to yourself as you play the game. Remember that as a rule, you can only look 3 pages ahead in your Spell Book. To reveal a zone to you, you can either right click the pages you wish to see, hover over "Reveal to owner", then click "all". Or you can use the right panel, click the pages you want to reveal, and click "Shown to owner" at the bottom of the panel.

To place a card on the field, drag it out of the page and onto the arena. (Or from the field to a zone if you need to put it back)

You'll notice that in the chat at the bottom, it announces that you've played a card and from what page. If you're suspicious of someone playing a card from a page that isn't active, this will tell you what you need to know.

In order to play a Spell or Event card, you do the same thing. Play it from your Spell Book to the field. However, when you're done with the card, you put it back in the page that it came from.

To Protect or Sacrifice a Mamodo, you can right click the Mamodo you wish to injure and click "PROTECT/SACRIFICE". You apply many other conditions to any card this way, just follow the card instructions and apply as necessary.

Hopefully this served as a good enough guide to help players understand how to play Zatch Bell using Lackey.